Errno19 using crowbit inventor kit

Hello everyone,
I am trying to read the gesture module in the serial port with the example code in page 75 of the crowbit inventor kit. I get an strange error (errno 19). After uploading the code (through the USB port), I get in the terminal:
File "", line 77, in ule>
File "", line 58, in __init__
File "", line 27, in _init
File "", line 53, in _select_bank
File "", line 43, in _write_reg
OSError: [Errno 19] ENODEV
MicroPython v1.15-64-g1e2f0d280 on 2021-06-30; micro:bit v2.0.0 with nRF52833
Type "help()" for more information

Any suggestion? it looks like an error in the OS of the microbit?
Best regards


  • Hello rava,
    The reason for this error is that I2C does not work
    Please check:
    1. Whether the power of the expansion board is turned on when downloading the program
    2. Whether other I2C modules are normal to determine whether the expansion board is normal
    3. Clean up the connecton port
    Best regards
  • Hello,
    I have tried 1 without success. The Colour sensor module works at least there is no error when downloading the program and it reads the values for R, G and B. So I guess is a problem with the gesture sensor module.
    Any other ideas?
  • @rava Thanks for the information. Please send your order number and requirement to , we will arrange to send you the replacement Gesture Sensor Module as soon as possible.
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