Elecrow Product #NewArrival - CrowBot Bolt 👋

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Driven by #ESP32, Do light tracking, Follow lines, Avoid obstacles & Remote control. Plus provide #programming lessons, what else would you want from this #OpenSource car? 😃


  • This is a nice little car!

    It's great that you've open sourced it. What license is the PCB file released under please?

    I see you've used the OSHW association logo on it, so I assume it will be one that meets the definition: https://www.oshwa.org/definition/

    https://ohwr.org/cern_ohl_p_v2.txt would be a good choice I think?

  • Hi Sam,

    Thank you for asking and sorry for the late reply. The OSHW official told us that there are no usage requirements or specific certification needed for this logo as it is open source and can be used by anybody for anything! 😊 So we can use the logo on our product. By the way, the PCB design file of #Crowbot car is independently designed by us and we are willing to keep it as an open-source file. That's no problem.😊

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