"lets code" location

Can someone tell me were the "Lets code" and hardware control Python programs reside?
In want folder, on the crowpi-l can I find the programs above mentioned?
thanks tom


  • Please search in the path /usr/share/laptop/. user/source/
  • greetings
    I went to the path/usr/share/laptop, there is no info under laptop - its an empty folder. No usr/source?
    I want to be able to paste the "Lets Code' python programs into Thonny, to buld use the exmple programs.
  • Hi Tom, I sorry that we haven't upload the programs in CrowPi L. Because the original intention of our design is that users can input code by themselves to improve their ability to write code. If the course code can be uploaded, I will tell you where to get it.
    Thanks for your patience.
  • Hi

    pardon but I also did not find the programs and would appreciate a link.



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