CrowPi-L documentation?

Just a goofy question -
Is there any documentation on which GPIO/I2C/etc that the "L" is using to control the laptop? I'd like to make sure I don't try to use something already in use! I've already noticed some I2C use, and possibly gpio0...


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    @ChrisInTn Sorry for late reply. Only I2C is using to detect inner battery and onboard chip STM8S003. The GPIOs are not used.

    If you want to use the 40pin GPIO port on the side of the laptop, please note that the following power ports are not available because they are not led out to prevent short circuit caused by wrong wiring accidentlly.

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    Thanks! Great information.
    One more silly question - which I2C pin(s) are already in use? Also, is the "L" supposed to turn itself off on software shutdown? I thought it was doing so when new, but it doesn't now, for unknown reasons (that's what I thought GPIO0 was doing, from notes on other forums).
  • @ChrisInTn Not at all. The ports in use are pin3 (SDA1) and pin5 (SCL1)
  • Thanks, that lets me know what NOT to touch😁.

    Back to the other question - is the L supposed to power down completely? Mine doesn't.


  • @ChrisInTn The CrowPi L is supposed to power down completely. This process is also detected by I2C.
    If the L cannot be shut down completely, it indicates that there is a problem with I2C communication.

    If the I2C problem cannot be solved by reinserting the battery, the GPIO board may be faulty. Frequent plugging and unplugging of the GPIO board may cause it to be damaged.

    You can attach your order number and send your requirements by email We will arrange to send you a replacement GPIO board.
  • I have found that after shutting my CrowPi-L down I still need to press the „Power“ button for it to turn off.

    Not a big problem but strange.


  • Question for Admin - is the "gpio board" you referenced what I've been referring to as the "fan board"? I know I've already damaged one pin on the fan board.



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    @ChrisInTn Yes, the 40Pin GPIO board with fan.
  • Okay, one more silly question - You reference my "order number" for replacement of the fan board. How do I get an "order number", a price quote, and how do I pay you? I'm just a private citizen, not a company or such, so I have no invoice numbers, etc.
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    @ChrisInTn The order number I mentioned earlier refers to the order number of your purchase of CrowPi L. When we receive the email, there will be staff to give you the price quote and show you how to pay.
    Best regards
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