How to DIY Fingerprint Lock Box

Project Introduction:

After inputting the fingerprint lock off signal, the steering gear rotates 90 °, and the rocker arm intersects with the U-shaped plastic, so that the box cannot be opened. After pressing the fingerprint scanner again, the steering gear rotates 90 ° in the opposite direction, and the rocker arm is parallel with the U-shaped plastic, so that the box can be opened.

Material preparation:

Fingerprint scanner*1
Crowduino*1(or Arduino)*1
Base shield for Crowduino*1
U-shaped plastic*1

Circuit connection:

Pinmap of fingerprint scanner:

Operation steps:

Step1. Paste the steering gear in the box, mark the appropriate position of the U-shaped material, and then stick the U-shaped plastic on the box cover.

Step2. Mark the location of crowduino, cut out the hole of USB interface, and then stick crowduino in the box.

Step3. Paste the square fingerprint scanner and cut the box cover.

Step4. Connect the cables according to the wiring table.

Step5. Connect Crowduino and the computer with USB cable, upload the program to Crowduino, and enroll the fingerprint

Step6. Start using!


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