How to Use Pico to Make Electronic hourglass --- RaspberryPiPico Kit

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Project Introduction:

Turn the encoder to set the time, and it will be displayed on the TM1637 4-Bits digital tube in real time. Press the button and the electronic hourglass starts working.

Material preparation:

Raspberry Pi Pico*1, USB Cable*1, Breadboard*1, Encoder*1, TM1637 4-Bits Digital Tube*1, Dupont line

Circuit connection:

Library file installation:

Upload the "" library file to the Raspberry Pi Pico.
Step1: Download, unzip the file and copy to library folder.
Step2: Connect the Pico to Thonny with a USB cable;
Step3: Find the "" library in the file window;
Step4: Right-click and select "Upload to / " to start uploading the library file;
Step5: "" appears at bottom left, indicating that the upload is successful, and you can start running the program.

Program analysis: Electronic Hourglass

from machine import Pin from time import sleep import tm1637 tm = tm1637.TM1637(clk=Pin(4), dio=Pin(5)) RoA_Pin = 0 # CLK RoB_Pin = 1 # DT Btn_Pin = 2 # SW globalCounter = 0 # counter value flag = 0 # Whether the rotation flag occurs Last_RoB_Status = 0 # DT state Current_RoB_Status = 0 # CLK state def setup(): global clk_RoA global dt_RoB global sw_BtN clk_RoA = Pin(RoA_Pin,Pin.IN) dt_RoB = Pin(RoB_Pin,Pin.IN) sw_BtN = Pin(Btn_Pin,Pin.IN, Pin.PULL_UP) # Initialize the interrupt function, when the SW pin is 0, the interrupt is enabled sw_BtN.irq(trigger=Pin.IRQ_FALLING,handler=btnISR) # Rotation code direction bit judgment function def rotaryDeal(): global flag global Last_RoB_Status global Current_RoB_Status global globalCounter Last_RoB_Status = dt_RoB.value() # Judging the level change of the CLK pin to distinguish the direction while(not clk_RoA.value()): Current_RoB_Status = dt_RoB.value() flag = 1 # Rotation mark occurs if flag == 1: # The flag bit is 1 and a rotation has occurred flag = 0 # Reset flag bit if (Last_RoB_Status == 0) and (Current_RoB_Status == 1): globalCounter = globalCounter + 1 # counterclockwise, positive if (Last_RoB_Status == 1) and (Current_RoB_Status == 0): globalCounter = globalCounter - 1 # Clockwise, negative # Interrupt function, when the SW pin is 0, the interrupt is enabled def btnISR(chn): global globalCounter globalCounter = 0 print ('globalCounter = %d' %globalCounter) while True: # Define a counter that changes every 1 second tm.number(globalCounter) globalCounter = globalCounter - 1 sleep(1) if globalCounter == 0: break def loop(): global globalCounter tmp = 0 while True: rotaryDeal() if etmp != globalCounter: print ('globalCounter = %d' % globalCounter) tmp = globalCounter tm.number(globalCounter) if __name__ == '__main__': setup() loop()

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