Drivers and/or setup for Crowpi2 on a stock Raspbian?

I just received the CrowPi2 and so far it seems pretty nice.I'd like to be able to use the speakers and camera with a stock Raspbian install. The camera doesn't appear to be compatible with the standard Pi camera and I can't find a way of getting to the speakers. Is there any documentation or set of installable drivers?


  • HI, @howarde


    The camerea is a USB camera. You can use it with Mplayer.

    Step1. Open the camera
    Run "sudo mplayer tv://" on terminal after downloading Mplayer.

    Then you will see the camera window

    Step2. Take pictures

    Run "fswebcam -r 640x480 -S 45 --jpeg 85 --save /home/pi/photo.jpg"

    The name of the picture is photo.jpg and the picture will be saved in the /home/pi directory.
    Press enter and then you can find a picture named photo.jpg in the /home/pi directory.


    Audio is output via HDMI.
    Right click the icon of the speaker and select HDMI to get to the speakers

  • This is handy info. I appreciate the quick reply.
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