Connect LoRa to Elecrow Automatic Smart Plant Watering Kit

Is it possible to connect the REYAX RYLR896 Lora Module SX1276 using UART to the Elecrow CrowTail - Smart pump Shield v2.1.


  • @afg
    The MCU of Smart Pump Shield is Atmega32U4, we haven't verified yet, but I think you can try to do this project.
  • @admin
    I have successfully added a Grove - Wio-E5 and have a payload back from the device!
    Now I need to decode the payload that I am getting back:
    Here are some of the examples of payloads I am getting:
    “PayloadData”: “AAAAAA==” when all dry
    “PayloadData”: “ZAAAAA==” when first probe in water
    “PayloadData”: “AGQAAA==” when second probe in water
    “PayloadData”: “AABkAA==” when third probe in water
    “PayloadData”: “AAAAZA==” when forth probe in water
    “PayloadData”: “ZGRkZA==” when all probes in water
    Can you give me an example of how to decode this?
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