How to download CrowPi L OS image

Download link:


Download all 4 files into the same folder.


Select file, right click the mouse and select 7-Zip, click Extract to "CrowPi-L_release_20230106v1.3_32bit" . Waiting... There will be a folder name CrowPi-L_release_20230106v1.3_32bit. Enter the folder you will see a image file(15G) appear in the folder.


Flash the image into SD card by balenaEtcher or Win32DiskImager.
Here we use balenaEtcher: Select image file and target, then click 'Flash' to flash the image.


When the flashing progress is done, insert the card into the TF Adapter Board slot. Please turn the switch to the correct side. Then boot up the CrowPi L.

Step5 Resize the space of CrowPi L iamge partition

If you use a 32GB SD card and open Gparted, you will find that the partition /dev/mmcblk0p2 where the image of CrowPi L is installed is 14.73GB, and the unallocated space is 14.14GB. Therefore, you need to resize /dev/mmcblk0p2, otherwise the system may crash when you download other softwares. The steps are as follows:
1. Start Gparted. The default password is 1

2. Right click/dev/mmcblk0p2 and click Resize

3. Drag the border on the right of the partition to adjust the size of the space. I resized it to 29558 at the maximum. Then click Resize

4. Click Apply

5. Completed!


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    The new version of CrowPi L image has been released. This version has modified the problem that it wasn't compatible with the new raspberry pi.
    Here's the download link:

  • I am having a problem with step 2. I am unable to extract all 4 files together. The file format I have is different to what you have in your documentation. Do I need to change the format? I am using 7zip application.

    Can you just upload and share the image directly? This would be easier for all customers.
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    @Mahrran No, you don't need to change the format. After downloading the volume files, please select all of the files and right click the mouse, then click "7-Zip" and select "Extract here" to extract all 4 files together. The reason for the difference is that my computer has other decompression software. I have modified the pictures of the tutorial. Please refer to the new instruction.

    Because the whole image file is 15Gbit, which will take a long time to download. If there's any internet error, the download process will be interrupted and you need to download it all over again. So we divide it to several compress volume files.

    Regarding the 64bit image, we're testing now. It will release soon.
  • I am still unable to pass step 2. See my first screenshot for my files downloaded and extraction attempt. And see my second screenshot of the results after I extract all 4 files. As you can see, the file format is not an image and it's only 3gb. You can also see the errors from 7zip, the three files are not recognized as a compressed file which is why I asked if we need to change the file format. And I did try that but was not successful. I am working with newly downloaded files as of last night.

    Thanks again for your time/help. I suspect there are other users who experienced this issue before, surely I cannot be the first and only. If you can provide a different option to down and install the image file, that would be appreciated and I personally don't mind.
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    @Mahrran I'm sorry for the inconvenience caused to you by my mistake. You only need to select one of the files to unzip. I have modified the instructions again. Please refer to it. Thank you for your feedback to make us better.
  • I am sorry to say but I still have the same problem. I followed the instructions and downloaded the files again. Please consider sharing direct download option for the image OS.
  • We're uploading the full image file and it will take a long time.

    Did you download the four files to the same folder? And I noticed that your file suffix is different from mine.

    Before the direct download link is generated, please try downloading 4 volume files again, save them to the one same folder and do not change the file name, and extract file CrowPi-L-image-V2.0-2022-10-19.7z.001

  • Thank you. The issue has been resolved. It seems the file format needed to be updated by removing all the "."

    Thanks for your time and support!
  • The files don't seem to be available any more - There's just two .pdfs on Google drives, and the links hat are present in the pdf files are broken.
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