RPi Ubuntu on CrowPi L?

I have been trying to get Ubuntu to run on my new CrowPi L and, despite trying to merge the ubuntu specific config and cmdline options with the ones provided by CrowPi L's custom raspbian built get me, at best, as far as the initial console boot messages, then nothing.

Has anyone succeeded in getting RPi's Ubuntu image working on the CrowPi L properly and can you share your config.txt, cmdline.txt and other modifications needed to get it working?

I'll gladly write up a comprehensive guide for this forum for everyone once I can figure this out, but I am stuck. Even with merged overlays and such, I can't even get external display to show. I also tried a known working MSD with a Pi400 Ubuntu install on it as a starting point and I can't seem to sort out video *past* the console boot. I lose all video, internal LCD and external HDMI as soon as init is done.


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    UPDATE: I did get the Ubuntu image up and running! You can find my my working config.txt and cmdline.txt on github:https://github.com/TheWebMachine/CrowPi-L-Bits
    I haven't had a chance to clean it up or pair it down, as I stopped messing with it as soon as Ubuntu started booting successfully. I'm sure there are a few redundant and unnecessary entries in the config.txt. I'll clean it up later.
    The camera does NOT work in Cheese for some reason, despite showing up as a USB 2.0 PC Camera. The "Camera" app from the Ubuntu Software center DOES work with the camera, though, so I'm not sure what is up there.
    I did get the handy python battery meter working from https://github.com/ppyne/crowPi-L_BatteryStatus, so battery and charging status icons are available in the toolbar.
    The only other caveat I have found is that shutting down Ubuntu does not properly trigger the CrowPi L's firmware to power off the laptop like it does in the original OS. I'm probably just missing a script that triggers a pin or something. I'll dig into that soon, though.
  • Try adding,
    to your config.txt file.
    It is used on CrowPi2 to control the power supply circuit.
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