Crowbits UNO - Firmware installation fail with Letscode

I have a Crowbits Creator Kit. Installed Letscode. I was able to connect to the main board (UNO) via Bluetooth but the firmware installation fails every time. Can you please help with this issue? It seems that without installing the firmware all the scratch code doesn't work. By the way, I've installed the latest version of Letscode (V1.1.6 RC3.4).


  • Sorry for not updating information about the latest version of Letscode(V1.2.0) in time. Please download it from this page: and try to install the firmware again.

  • V1.2.0 is available only for Windows. I'm using Mac. For Mac it's still V1.1.6. Is the link not updated yet? V1.2.0 supports only Windows?

  • Hi, using MAC can only connect the devices by wired connection method. Please try wired connection and see whether it works. Moreover, the V1.1.8 for MAC will be released soon.

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