P4 Motor control: motor shield starts buzzing

First off, I am beginner and working my way through the Crow-projects of the Starter Kit De Luxe.

I followed the instructions of the "Motor Control' project (Project 4) correctly: Motor 1 on OUT 1 and 2, and Motor 2 on OUT 3 and 4. Additionally, I connected a 9V battery using the green power sockets (VIN, GND).

However the shield starts to buzz and flashing a red LED at IN1 and a blue LED at EA and EB. I guess something is wrong, but I don't understand why this is happening and how to solve this.

Thanks a million ;)


  • I forgot to tell that a green LED is on at IN2

    I started playing around, but after I disconnected motor 1 (OUT1 & 2) the buzzing stopped.

    Still, after I uploaded the code, nothing is happening, while red and green remains on....

    Which genius could help me to get up to speed?

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