Toys More Interesting Than Lego---Pcb Creative Toys Sharing

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?️In addition to Lego, gifts for children can also be PCBs. ❣️We are all makers, we encourage and look forward to your imagination!???


ideas by Juan Carlos :

✍️Snail speaker?

ideas by Adele :

✍️WifiNugget ?

ideas by Kody Kinzie & Alex Lynd:



Elecrow online Gerber viewer is a PCB manufacturer specializing in PCB prototyping, low-volume production, and neat and tidy PCB assembly and you can create a variety of PCBs with different specifications.?

✍️To order our PCB from Elecrow online Gerber viewer, go to the Elecrow online Gerber viewer and fill in the basic board details in the instant order form. From there we will be directed to a form where we can provide more elaborate board details. Under advanced PCBs, you can customize your PCBs.?️

✍️Now update the board information in the PCB specification screen. I want to give the orange color to these PCBs, so I chose the orange color for the solder mask.?️

✍️In Elecrow online Gerber viewer, we can select a variety of color PCBs such as purple, black, orange, and even create transparent PCBs by selecting a transparent solder mask.?️

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