How to update the Crowpi2 OS image?

You need to take out the SD card and use a computer for image burning, and it can be roughly divided into 3 steps:

1. Download the image file


2. Format the SD card

Using SDFormatter software to format the SD card.

You can download this software from the download link at the bottom of this comment.

3. Install the image

Using Win32DiskImager software to install the iamge, which is very easy to operate.

You can download it from the download link at the bottom of this comment, too.

After you have burned the image, inserting the memory card into the Raspberry Pi of CrowPi2, and then turn it on.

Download link for SDFormatter and Win32DiskImager:



  • I wanted to install emacs, which required a package update. I found this forum thread useful:

    Summary of commands, which download about 1.5 GB of updates:

    sudo apt update

    sudo apt full-upgrade

    sudo reboot

  • Well i put my system into a non bootable state after apt update && apt dist-upgrade -y .....
    so i have to download that (old) image again.....
    is there no way to use standard raspi OS (and then the 64 bit version) and just add the crowpie2 specific stuff on top?
  • The download for Crowpi2 says I do not have permission do download. After nearly completing the download

  • Tried to download the latest firmware files from and getting this pop-up warning,

    My workaround solution for using Chrome Broswer:

    1. Open a new browser tab.
    2. Type chrome://settings/cookies in the browser address bar then press Enter.
    3.  Scroll down to the 'Sites that can always use cookies' section under 'See all cookies and site data'.
    4. On the right, click Add.
    5. In the 'Add a site' window, enter
    6. Make sure to select the tick box 'Including third-party cookies on this site' and click Add.
    7. Don't close this Settings tab just yet, I reccommend to delete this setting after you have successfully downloaded the firmware files.
    8. Switch back to the Google Drive tab and start the download again. It should begins this time.
    9. After you have successfully download the files, switch over to the Settings tab again.
    10. Under the 'Sites that can always use cookies' section, delete the site, that you have added in step 5 above, by click on the Trash Can icon on the right.

    Hope this help anyone having trouble downloading the latest firmware file. :)

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