Sizif-512 rev.D1——This week Excellent PCB projects

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CPLD-based ZX Spectrum clone for 48K rubber case with some sweet features.

Tech specs:

* Half-sized PCB for 48K rubber case

* Pentagon, Spectrum 128, Spectrum 48 and Spectrum +3e modes

* Altera EPM1270 CPLD

* Real Z80 in 3.5MHz, 4.4MHz, 5.2MHz, 7MHz (no-wait turbo) and 14MHz (turbo with wait-states) modes

* 512K RAM

* Real AY-3-8910 with switchable stereo ABC/ACB/mono output

* Sega 6-button joystick input; Kempston/Sinclair modes

* Integrated DivMMC, 1x microSD socket

* PAL and RGB video output (Sega Mini-DIN/9 connector)

* Digital video output header for EGA monitors, VGA scandoublers, etc.

* ULAplus


👌Circuit diagrams and Schematics

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