Cannot upload code because firmware update failed


I have just got the Crowbits Inventor Kit delivered and, following the instructions, I connected the MicroBits controller to the PC.

I also installed and started Letscode (V1.1.0 RC3.4), added Crowbits-MicroBit module, and it connected fine.

The driver was recognized automatically, but I installed the driver again from the menu. According to the manual I also selected the Install Firmware menu item because I was connecting it the first time. When it was finished, it said it was successful.

Now, when I try to upload a simple code to display some text onto the controller, I always get the following error message from Letscode exactly as written here: "Install Firmware Fail, Try Again Please!".

In the log output window I see the following messages:

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Welcome to Letscode

EPERM: operation not permitted, open 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Letscode\Python37\Scripts\'import m


MicroPython v1

.13 on 2020-12-21; micr

o:bit v2.0.0-beta.3 with nRF52833

Type "help()" for more inform



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What could be the reason? Didn't I get the latest software for download?


  • Thank you for your use, you can download the latest letscode software.After installation, use administrator privileges to open the software, and then use,can solve this problem.

  • I run mac os, I can install Letscode and the usb drivers but the "firmwire installation" fails everytime.

    No way to get around it.

    Any one has a lead on this ?


    Command failed: /Applications/ -compile -hardware


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