Some keys on the CrowPi2 keyboard have stopped working

The C, F, G, H, K and L have stopped working on the keyboard that came with the CrowPi2. All other keys work without problems. Any way I can fix this?


  • Actually there are some other keys that are not working. They are :; key <, key ?/ key down-arrow key. Is is possible to order a silver replacement keyboard for the CrowPi2?

  • Can you send me a video to show the keyboard problem?

    You can also send the video to email address

  • I am having a similar problem, different keyss. The s is one of them, sometimes doing multi copies, sometime not working. CapLock can make a difference.

    Any suggested solution?

  • @jofe Please send your problem and order number to , we will arrange to send you a replacement keyboard.
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