GrowCube cannot connect to WiFi in Networking mode

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1.Network permission
Above Android 11 need to allow the GrowCube app to always access the network in the settings.

2. Not support 5G WiFi
GrowCube does not support 5G WiFi, please use 2.4G WiFi. If your router is a dual band router, please separate 2.4G from 5G and give them different names. Or replace it with a 2.4G router.

3. Network instability
Please check whether the home/office WiFi is stable.

4. Unstable device connection
Re enter and try several times.

5. Firmware problem
The firmware version may be inconsistent, need to upgrade the firmware.-


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    If the WiFi is a 2.4G WiFi but the connection still fails:

    1. Please ensure that the app has been allowed to access the necessary permissions.

    2. Please power off the device and then power it back on;

    3. Press and hold the reset button for 3 second until the GrowCube make "beep beep" sound, and the red and blue indicator flash alternatively;

    4. Go through the entire connection process of the networking mode.

    5.When connecting to GrowCube_xxxx, after connecting, wait on the connection page for a period of time to confirm that the phone is connected to WiFi before returning to APP.
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